Assisting action groups is an Open Atrium based intranet for action groups where collaboration is absolutely key. An action group is a group of people joined temporarily to accomplish some organized collective action. Open Atrium is a mixture of existing and new Drupal modules. It is an open source tool and maintained by Phase2, a company in the United States.

LiqueFactive is the first company now offering this service in Dutch. We also succeeded to extend Open Atrium with payment options (Ubercart) enabling the rent out of web pages (spaces) by action groups on one website. Momentarily there are websites for national action groups and local action groups in Amsterdam. More city websites can be introduced on demand.

Also for companies and organizations

Open Atrium was developed to make organizational collaboration easier. Not only special groups as action groups can benefit from this. Open Atrium can easily be set up as SAAS for small to medium businesses. At LiqueFactive we can do this for you and guide you on how to ease communication and decision making within your company. Information and documents such as meeting minutes can be stored and viewed by users having access. Work tracking and discussions are also simplified by Open Atrium tools.

If you're interested, let us know. As Open Atrium is a web based tool we are offering this service worldwide at very competitive prices starting at € 150,- a month and an initial set up fee of some € 400,- for a typical setup.

visit the website for action groups in Amsterdam.