Drupal website design

A cost-effective solution

Drupal is an open source content management system (CMS) meaning that it allows developers to freely modify and distribute code without worrying about licensing fees. With a CMS you can control content (images, videos, products, articles). Drupal powers millions of websites, simple to complex. The most popular users of Drupal are: The White House, Disney, CNN, McDonald’s, Ebay, Harvard, Nike, MIT, Sony and Beyonce. In general users are: large corporations, small businesses, newspapers, universities, rock bands, nonprofit organizations, and public libraries. Drupal is a registered trademark by Dries Buytaert, who started Drupal in Belgium in 2001 as an Open Source CMS.

Drupal is popular because it is super cost-effective. Drupal is state of the art. It is super-scalable. It minimizes the time of website design and development by allowing the reutilizations of thousands of pre-built themes and modules. So you don’t have to start from scratch and you can customize pre-built solutions. The pre-fab modules can build most site functions.

A secure solution

Drupal is maintained by a community of developers and is continuously improved. The security of the modules is continually monitored and upgrades follow discovered weaknesses. Users can be given varying levels of permission to use functionality and to add content. In the US more than fifty states migrated sites to Drupal because it makes government more efficient and it saves taxpayers money.

All our websites are developed in Drupal an now you know why. After building a website for a client this client can manage the content with a user account. Maintenance by us is done on the basis of a maintenance contract. This includes hosting and installing security updates of modules.

Prices of development and of the maintenance contract vary according to the type of website developed. But to give you an example. Developing a website like this one, costs about € 1500 and involves a technical maintenance contract including hosting of some € 50 a month.