Web shops for rent

Turnkey delivery

On our website Webwinkelbouw.nl you can rent at a very low monthly fee a web shop. What distinguishes our services from those offered by other companies is that we deliver turnkey solutions. Many other providers of online stores usually only provide a platform to build a shop. We derive the information which is necessary for the construction of the shop from online specifications entered during the initial request for a web shop.

Rates from € 9,95 per month

The shops are rented out at different monthly rates depending on the number of items in the shop and options that are selected. The order to rent the shop is via an online store that is part of the website Webwinkelbouw.nl. Tenants operate basically under a subdomain of ViaPunt.nl but applying for a separate domain name also belongs to the possibilities.

Try out without obligation

Web shop holders can try out their shop one month without obligations. When they are not satisfied then they do not have to pay and the web shop is terminated. This service is only available for customers in the Netherlands.

visit webwinkelbouw.nl.
visit demo shop fotocamera.viapunt.nl.

Interactive Brochures: unique in the Netherlands

Another innovative aspect of the online stores is the ability to create an interactive brochure with a single click. The brochure is a pdf-file with information on all the products in the online store. Under each product description a link is present with a direct link to the page in the online store.

Easy to use software for maintenance

Software is available for updating the products in the store and the description of the store. This software is easy to use and offers plenty of options to simplify the activity of defining products.

read more (in Dutch) on webwinkelbouw.nl.

Affiliate program

We offer both individuals and businesses the opportunity to receive payments for the clients they recruit for the services we offer. More information can be found at Webwinkelbouw.nl.

Cooperation in dropshipping

We are open to collaborations with other parties, including wholesale lots, to arrive at the rental to others of fully equipped shops on the basis of 'dropshipping'.