Innovative services

In our activities, our focus is on new ways of doing things: on innovations and improvements. Below are some examples.

Open Atrium related

One of our improvements was the translation of the Drupal Open Atrium package to the Dutch language so that we could use Open Atrium on our websites about action groups. We are the first company in the Netherlands offering Open Atrium in Dutch.

On these action group websites we also implemented granting access rights to parts of the websites following orders in a webshop (Ubercart).

In other projects with the Open Atrium package we succeeded in granting access rights to parts of the website based on e-mail address information.


Regarding our activities developing web shops, we have developed a method where the underlying Drupal database is updated directly from a MSAccess application. This allows product information to be updated without using the Drupal website for this. With the same techniques we succeeded in updating our own online web shops in only 3 minutes per web shop per week.

For one of our customers, we almost completely automated the process of remote updating of hardware keys (dongles) with a VB.NET application making all kinds of manual work obsolete.