Online surveys

Nice design and easy to handle

In 2016 we started developing online questionnaires using open source software (Drupal). The surveys are suited for individuals as well as organizations and can be implemented with or without respondent registration.

The designs are responsive meaning that the questionnaires can be answered not only on desktop computers but also on smartphones and tablets. Pictures and videos can be added easily to allow a great user experience. Results can be downloaded, secure and easy.

Why we save you money

By using Drupal as an open source solution and by focussing on reuseable components as much as possible, we are keeping costs as low as possible. Just send us your requirements, and we will consider developing a free initial design of the survey to convince you. We can also help you formulate your questions and/or do the analysis for you.

Depending on the length of the survey and its complexity prices range from 750 to several thousands of euros.